This work introduces a new procedure to typify the behaviour of Twitter accounts belonging to Triple-Helix institutions through the identification and classification of users mentioned over time. As a case study, this presentation covers 3 institutions (1 university, 1 government body, and 1 private company) in a regional environment (Catalonia) along 7 months of Twitter activity. Users mentioned by each account where classified according to its nature (Govern, University, Private Company, Communication company, Individual account, Events, and Others). The results show little interrelation between user categories, with a very unalike productivity and a differentiate rate of users mentioned by published tweets. Consequently, each Twitter account displays a very characteristic pattern. Further research is being carried out in order to compile more institutions, improve the users’ taxonomy and gather more information on each Tweet published.


Keywords: Triple Helix, Twitter, Mentions, Networks, Spain, Corporate Communications

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.31287.78244