The wine market has become globalized, and the increase and diversification of supply increases the demand for information by consumers. Due to the size of its market and the capacity of its companies, the United States has a growing weight in the global wine business, and critics and specialized American media have a great influence on consumers and producers around the world. Therefore, the main objective of this paper is to determine, through a set of web metrics, the influence model of the main wine critics in the United States. Twitter has become one of the most influential networks; therefore, to perform the analysis data is extracted from the Twitter accounts of Randall Grahm (@RandallGrahm), Jon Thorsen (@ReverseWineSnob), Amy Lieberfarb (@amylieberfarb), Kelly Mitchell (@KellyMitchell), and Eric Asimov (@EricAsimov). The tools used to extract data have been the Twitter API, FollowerWonk, Klout and Majestic. The data collected for each account is their age, followers, friends, number of tweets, retweets and likes, and was gathered during the period June – September of 2018. Once collected, the data is cleaned and prepared for the analysis.


Keywords: Wine, Twitter, Influence, Networks

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.22317.95205