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Who am I?

I’m Cristina, a PhD Researcher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). I’m a member of the iMetrics Lab Research Group, part of the DCADHA. My background is in Computer Science and Information Management, I finished my Doctoral Thesis in june 2021, it was a research in Patent Link Analysis, a combination of Links’ study, Network Theory and Cybermetrics applied to links from and to patent documents. Right now I’m pursuing a postdoctoral research, trying to expand the information related to patents and links, by analysing the use of links in science communication.

Last experience


PhD Researcher


iMetrics Lab (DCADHA), Polytechnic University of Valencia


Predoctoral Researcher


Trademetrics Research Group (IDF), Polytechnic University of Valencia


Project designer


IMM Group, Polytechnic University of Valencia


Web & Cybermetric Analyst


MasMedios para la Gestión de la Información S.L.


International Relations


International Relations Office, ETSINF – UPV

Education & Training



PhD Information Science


Polytechnic University of Valencia



Master in Information Management


Polytechnic University of Valencia



Computer Science


Polytechnic University of Valencia

Honors, Awards and Grants

The project particleAI won the 2nd prize in the HackForGood 2018 competition, an artificial intelligence core to predict all the air particles in the city of Valencia, the forecasting for the next days and an alert system focused on the user and his/her preferences.

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The Google Scholarship for Students with Disabilities was first launched in 2009 in the United States and Canada. In 2010, the program successfully expanded to Europe.

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 Won the 1st local and 3rd national award for the project bikeXplorer, an application to predict the use of public bicycle stations in the city of Valencia. In addition, the project won Telefónica’s Open Future award, Open Data valencia award and Open Webinars award.

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The “Opportunity to Talent” Scholarship program stems from the ONCE Foundation’s vocation for social inclusion and equal opportunities for people with disabilities and its commitment to the promotion of inclusive education.These scholarships are intended to promote excellence training, transnational mobility, specialization of students with disabilities in areas of special employability, as well as sports training. It seeks to harness the full potential of its talent and boost the academic and research career of university students with disabilities, thus promoting their inclusion in highly skilled jobs.

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 3rd Award HackForGood in Valencia, Think Big Prize and Prize to the best challenge to the application airVLC for prediction of pollution in Valencia in real time.

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