The aim of this project is to provide reliable information about public investment in science, in order to allow citizens to exercise their rights: to be informed in a transparent way, to control their government’s actions and to bring their ideas to guide the country’s policies on public investment in science. The web application Transparency Science has been developed to cover these needs. It presents the topics and the amount of investment in science by collecting and processing the data from several open sources of the Spanish government. Different visualizations facilitate the understanding of the return of investment in science by citizens. Their participation are promoted through three ways: the first, a voting system; the second, a commenting system for collecting citizens’ opinion in natural language; finally, a crowdfunding system for proposed actions/petitions/etc, driven by the citizen himself, based on the detected topics with the feedback system. The application will use the most popular social networks to spread the proposals and promote the participation of the community.

Keywords: social network, vote system, crowdfunding, public investment, open data, open government, citizen participation, transparency, data visualization, data mining.